About me

In short

Hi there!

My name is Rosalien, but you might know me as Greeny_Lab. Which is totally okay as we are the same! Greeny_Lab is a reflection of my daily life & needs in which I can let loose of my creativity.


The long story

Plants are what my daily life details, which also translates into one of my passions. 

The reason is a few years ago my life collapsed and I totally lost the way in many aspects, both mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with many labels, we love labels don’t we? The ones that affect my daily life the most are ADHD and autism. Which made a lot of sense once I heard this officially. On the positive note, I now am aware of the measures needed in order to get my life back on track. One of the biggest learning point was that self-care is very underrated and I really depend on it. So, I have started to integrate many new things into my life, such as bullet journals, healthy & sustainable living, and general lifestyle in fine home-styling.   

Getting into plants – how this helped me getting back up

Taking care of plants was not as easy as I imagined and I quickly found out that this required becoming more responsible. But in return for all the efforts it improves one’s health condition when it really becomes a priority. So,  in the past years I have accumulated a ton of knowledge and it is my privilege to share this with you. I hope with this, which is an added bonus, that I could potentially help out others as well. So, let’s grow together!

Expressing my creativity – lifestyle home-styling

My goal here is to improve the home environment by home-styling creatively and passionately. Which will bloom into a healthy lifestyle with one’s mind satisfied and at ease. In my journey I have had the privilege to collaborate with many inspiring and innovative brands. This led to many amazing projects which I have shown on my Instagram. My usual way of working is to start with an unboxing. Which reveals the brand’s attention to details from thoughtful packaging to the amazing products themselves. You might have heard a few of them – Elho, Geurwolkje, and PLNTS.com.  

A personal touch – Not just online

First of all, I freaking love this, Meet The Greenies. I love sharing and bonding with people who have similar interests in plants. So, before long I organized the first edition of Meet The Greenies, which is a 1 day monthly meet up in a different location (in the Netherlands, for now!). I always try to create unique content for the meet up to share, show, and giveaway to the Greenies who took the time to participate. 

And secondly, I followed my desires of getting to know what really happens behind the screens of all the amazing plant organizations. So, I regularly visit the organizations to get myself fascinated with the birthplace and homes to many amazing plants – also to see how they are cared for. In turn, I always write a blog about my visits to share the unique insights with the Greenies. This activity is known as Greeny_Lab in the wild.