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10 plants that will shine in your bathroom

My name is Annelijne Verburgt, and I’m a plantstylist from the Netherlands. I help companies to 'get green', so they can experience the positive effects plants have. Plants are also a personal hobby of mine and whenever I'm not working I happily share my knowledge of them with you!

For this blog on @Greeny_Lab 's website, I listed ten plants that will rock your bathroom.

Did you know Dutch people spend an average of 4,6 hours in their bathrooms? Treating ourselves with a hot, cleansing bath, a warm shower in which we win imaginary arguments, completing our hair- and makeup routine, shaving every inch of our bodies and what not. Since we spent this much time in our at-home spa’s, why not decorate it with plants? Besides that, some of our green friends grow considerably well in them. Our bathroom’s climate can be compared to that of the jungle: warm and moist.


1. Green Lady Boston Fern

This fern originates from the rainforest. It loves warmer temperatures and high levels of humidity. The Boston Fern is a relatively strong plant. Keep its soil moist (but not wet), and you’ll go a long way. The Boston Fern is best displayed in a hanging planter, so its zigzagging leaves can roam freely.


2. Calathea

If you’re blessed with a sunlit bathroom in which it always feels like summer, then perhaps the calathea isn’t the right fit for you. This gorgeous plant, that comes in so many varieties, adores high humidity levels, but not direct sunlight. This can damage its leaves. A darker corner suits him better.


3. Peace Lilly

The Peace Lilly spoils us with its oval shaped, deep green coloured leaves, but it gets even better: when its happy i twill treat you with white, chalice-like flowers. Above all that, this plant filters fungus out of the air. A win-win combination!


4. Staghorn Fern

The Staghorn Fern, of Elkhorn Fern (Platycerium Bifurcatum in Latin) is a special kind of fern. Comparing it to the Green Lady, you wonder if it actually is a fern. This plant, just like its little sister, looks great when you put it in a hanging planter.


5. Monkey Mask

This nephew (or niece) of the Monstera Deliciosa thrives in warm, moist spaces in which it’s not placed in direct sunlight. It’s a strong plant, but susceptible concerning the mosaic virus, so be careful not to overwater it. Get your Monkey Mask a moss pole – it will love to climb up against it!


6. Leather Fern

Yes, another fern that made it to the list! This one too has its own unique look, which makes it a great fit. This happy, green plant can be found on the jungle floor. Make sure its soil stays moist (but not wet), he likes it that way.


7. Dracaena trifasciata

Up until 2017 (and still sometimes these days), we named this plant the ‘sansevieria’. This houseplant is basically indestructible. Is your bathroom a little more dark? Then definitely get this one, since the Snakeplant (which is its other name) doesn’t mind that at all.


8. Orchid

Are you a fan of flowering houseplants? And do you love a luxurious and romantic look? Then consider an orchid. They’re truly wonderful and come in many different colours. This plant loves your bathroom because of the high humidity there.


9. Bar-room plant

That’s right, not bath-room plant, but bar-room plant. It originates from Japan, where it’s called haran or baran, according to Wikipedia. Just like the snakeplant, this plant doesn’t mind a bit of shade. Its leaves grow wide instead of high, so make sure it has space to swing-out.


10. Airplant

The plant you don’t put in soil, and neither in Leca: the Tillandsia. Taking care of these gorgeous showstoppers is very easy. You don’t water them, you just sprinkle them by using plant spray. When put in the bathroom, you might not even have too because of the high humidity there. They don’t do well in the dark, but don’t like direct sunlight either.

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