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Behind the scenes

There I was, October 2019, 09:30 in the doctor's lounge.

I wanted to check my blood for causes of my tiredness and then continue to work.

Things went slightly differently ....

The reality was that I was always restless, often experienced panic and crying attacks. I neglected to eat properly and lived on coffee and cigarettes. I became lifeless and lost my inspiration, something I had never experienced before.

It was time to visit my doctor.

My doctor made it immediately clear that I could no longer work. I had a burnout and needed to take a break.

So I found myself, 21 years old, on sick-leave with a burnout.

Then you come into contact with social services: waiting lists and referrals (3x). Because my symptoms were complex. Eventually it turned out that there was much more hidden under the burn-out.

I was diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD (I will spare you these details), depression, a personality disorder, and a number of other problems. Great all those labellings, but in reality they had literally no idea where to start with me.

All my life I had been " over asked " and so I learned to " camouflage " and to fulfill the expectations. But this was no longer an option, it was time to choose for myself and heal.

My mother decided to take me to Morocco for a vacation. There I saw an amazing variety of cacti and succulents! In the evening I strolled the internet for possibilities to build a collection when I got back to the Netherlands. So I did.

I bought several houseplants for beginners and spent days researching to gather knowledge about plants. I had Pinterest boards full of inspiration, for instance about

the different cutting methods and decorating your home with houseplants.


A house full of plants is really not just an aesthetic plus;

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that a green environment improves concentration?That it reduces stress and even lowers the risk of heart disease?


I realized that I was not alone, there are many people who are in a similar situation.

My former partner Jay suggested that I should do more than just take care of the plants. For example, share them on a social media network. I had zero knowledge of social media, and even less of photography. Fortunately, he is a fantastic professional photographer and we decided to work on this project together. This is how Greeny_Lab came to life. At the time we had a complete white and pink interior, exactly the style I had in mind for the photos. I created the setup and he took the pictures. Unfortunately, my mental state worsened and I decided to return to my moms' house to take time for myself and recover. This house did not have the interior that matched Greeny_Lab, and I was still a terrible photographer. Thankfully, Jay came over every week to help me and teach me how to photograph, we taped white sheets of paper together to keep the same style as I had in mind. This took an awful lot of time and energy, something I didn't always have. Thank God my mother let me decorate 3 rooms in her house the way I wanted, calm, white and with lots of plants. So I could continue with my hobby. Slowly my photography skills improved, and I also learned how to make video tutorials. I still remember how proud I was of my first video .

At that time I was still working with simple photography lamps from Aliexpres, because I did not have the professional products which I used to have when working with Jay. It was trial and error, making many mistakes but still continuing to practice because I would master this. As I became more confident in my photography skills I also realized the importance of having high quality photography lights. Especially since I eventually wanted to take pictures at nurseries to give you a behind-the-scenes impression. Through Instagram I found Bresser benelux, I approached them and explained what I wanted to achieve but also what was important to me. High quality lights, which were compact and easy to use. Suitable for both home and on the road. I have nothing but positive words about their personal service, together we found the perfect lamps and stands for my needs. Namely the Bresser Bi-Color. A compact lamp with many possibilities, you have full control over the color temperature and light output.

With these lamps the Bresser Pro-1 tripod fitted perfectly. These are easy to assemble and adjustable in height. Also, I can easily take them with me when traveling thanks to the convenient bag.

Nowadays I work with these products, however I still use my phone as a camera. And I don't work with photoshop etc.

The reason for this is that I prefer to make spontaneous realistic pictures, without adding any fuss. This way I don't spend hours behind my computer, but I can actually enjoy my plants!

Of course this situation is temporary, now that I am mentally more stable it is time to find my own place to live. I have been working hard on this for months. I hope within a few months to find a suitable home and to create my own indoor jungle. I can't wait to take you behind the scenes and give you an insight into my daily life!

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