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Greeny_Lab 'in the wild' Hofstede Hovaria

May I introduce you to Hofstede Hovaria! I came in contact with Wilko (owner) when I was searching for a specific Peperomia

Turned out I was searching for Wilko's prize plant, named after the nursery, (Peperomia) Hovaria®. This plant is available in limited numbers, but not that easy to ship due to the tall clay pots.

Therefore, Wilko invited me to pickup the plant & give me a tour through the greenhouse! Let's go!


I didn't expect to see many rare varieties other than the common houseplants. Turned out I was so wrong.. the nursery was filled with out of the ordinary plants! Wilko gave me a tour through the greenhouse, while he was talking I could see a sparkle in his eyes, he is so passionate about the plants! The greenhouse is 10k square meter, while outside they got 30k square meter to grow Hortensia's during summer.

The Coleus Combat (first picture above) is a perfect example, I have seen many varieties, but nothing like this!

I couldn't believe my eyes while strolling through the greenhouse, so many begonia's! Such as the B. luxurians (picture below) Wilko taught me that Begonia's can be divided into 2 groups (many more 'sub' groups, but these 2 are the 'main' ones) Cane & Rhizomatous.

Wilko also gave me a glimpse behind the curtains of his 'side' project; cultivating, growing & propagating rare aroids which have never been seen before. All top secret.. feel free to use your imagination, though seeing them in reality was amazing! Keep an eye on his Instagram account to be the first to know about their market introductions - @Hofstede_Hovaria


When you thought this was all, think again I just bumped into alocasia heaven.

I ended the tour with a little Q&A -Which soil mix do you use? The exact recipe is a secret.. But I will disclose that we use 3 different soilmixes. Depends on the plant which one we use! -Which plant species are available in your nursery? To many to name! I’m sure over 100 different species and cultivars. To mention the most important regarding their turnover: Hydrangea, Begonia, Alocasia and Poinsettia. -Do you use a humidifier of sorts? No, we don't. Due to the many plants in this space the humidity is always quite fine, except for those few extremely hot summer days. With humidifiers we definitely could speed up growth, but we prefer to grow our plants tough so that they have less problems to adapt to the climate in the consumers’ living rooms. -What is the temperature in the greenhouse 16-18 degree during the day and 20 ‘at night, but when the sun is shining we will let it rise to 20-22 during the day before we open the windows. -I see many plants flowering, do you cut them or let them be? While growing up the plants from cutting to finished product we always pick out the flowers as they take too much of the plants' energy which would slow its growth!

Many thanks to Wilko for having me! it was a pleasure


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