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Everyone knows that a plant needs water to survive, but then why is it that its leaves turn brown even though you are giving it enough water at the right time?

Low humidity causes brown leaves!

Humidity, in simple terms, is the amount of moisture in the air.

Leaves will lose moisture more easily to air that has little humidity in it than to air that already has a lot of humidity in it. If the humidity in your room is low and the heater (or sun) is on, a plant will evaporate more fluid than its roots can supply.

If your plant loses too much water through its leaves, it can develop brown edges and curly leaves. It will also start to look weak and unhappy. A tropical plant likes a humidity level of between 50 and 70 percent, while the average home only has a humidity level between 20 and 30 percent!


There are also humidifiers for sale that are a bit bigger, can humidify your whole room and remove bacteria from the air! Like the Duux Beam, a high quality humidifier with a stylish look! I am extremely satisfied with this model and its possibilities.

You can refill Beam from the top - as easy as watering plants. With a water tank capacity of five liters and high mist output of 350 ml per hour, you are always assured of optimal performance. And thanks to the built-in temperature sensor and hygrostat, you always have an overview of the air quality in your home. The control panel also serves as a remote control and can be stored inside the device. And with the new Duux app, Beam can be used anytime, anywhere!

In addition, the device can automatically turn itself off and measures the water level, humidity and temperature, so you're always informed :) super simple right?!

Bonus points: Beam uses up to 80% less energy than traditional humidifiers, you're even being sustainable too!

It comes in 2 colors, black or white. The choice was very simple for me, I immediately fell for the white variant, it fits perfectly into my light interior


Another option is to spray your plants with a plant sprayer, or rinse them under the shower. however, this is not an optimal solution, the humidity is only temporarily & minimally increased (unless you spray in a completely sealed small space, but watch out for fungus) yet your plants will appreciate this, also because it removes dust from the leaves so they can absorb more light.

Caution: Do not spray if your plants are in full sun, the heat from the sun can cause ugly spots on the leaves. Also don't spray on plants with fine hairs on the leaves, the water droplets will get trapped in these and cause fungal spots. And if you see white chalky spots appearing on the leaves, it's best to use rainwater to spray your plants with. That won't leave any stains.


Conclusion: it is not such a bad idea to buy a good humidifier, take a look at Duux.com for more inspiration! This one regulates everything automatically for you so it takes no effort while your plants will be super pleased.

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