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Let's talk about soil! (ENG version)

Spring is almost in season again! (At least, here in the Netherlands)

The higher temperatures and lighter days will make your plants grow faster. So chances are you're going to repot one or more plants!

It is important to place your plant in the right soil because this provides the basis for developing healthy and strong roots.

The right 'recipe' therefore differs per plant. PLNTS.com wrote a blog with a number of basic recipes for each type of plant. You can also order all products directly through the webshop so you can get started right away!

I have tried out various products and recipes, until I found the right ones. I use a plastic inner pot with drainage holes, while some use terracotta. When you work with plastic pots the soil stays moist longer, so an airy soil mixture is preferable. This allows excess water to flow away through the bottom. While in my experience terracotta dries out the soil faster and you have to water more often. Everyone has their own experience here. That is why I recommend experimenting!

I would like to share my experience with you, so you can get some inspiration. I do not have a recipe for every type of plant, because I do not have certain plants in my collection.


I work with the following products for my mixes:

Cocopeat / coconut fiber: this holds much more water than regular potting soil, it works like a sponge. This means that you have to water your plants less often. Coconut has a very airy structure, which gives the roots of your plants more freedom so they can grow better. Note that it does not naturally contain any nutrients unless they are added.

Perlite: perlite is roasted volcanic rock that provides an airy substrate and better drainage. I use perlite to improve the structure of soil because it has a high water and oxygen holding capacity.

Tree bark: bark is a multi-purpose material. It helps to maintain moisture in the potting soil, but most importantly it provides an airy structure. Adding bark to your potting soil creates more room for root growth.

Charcoal: absorbs toxins to protect the soil and roots from bacteria and fungi.


Time to start mixing!


Coco peat/ coconut fiber 40% Tree bark 20% Perlite 30% Charcoal 10%







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