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Because we can all use a helping hand from time to time when it comes to taking care of your (new) plant, I have compiled a top 5 of my favorite plants and how to take care of them in the best way possible.

Please note, every plant and environment is unique so don't follow these tips blindly. I write from personal experience, and how I take care for my plants. All my plants have both an inner and decorative pot, which I definitely recommend. In case you give too much water, it can easily drain away.

I divide the light requirements into 3 terms; - Bright direct: an area where there is the most light throughout the day (usually south), these plants can be close to the window. - Bright indirect: plants that need a lot of light, but cannot stand directly in the sun. Place them away from the window, or make sure there is a thin curtain in front of it. - Half shade: plants that do fine while receiving no direct light. This does not mean they can be placed completely in the shade! In addition, there are plants that can survive (probably won't thrive) in the shade such as a Sansevieria. I do not have this one in my collection so it will not be named.


1. Alocasia My favorite plant species! I also think it is one of the easiest plants to grow, but opinions are divided on the matter. I have them in a room with a southern window, where they receive bright indirect light. I have placed all my Alocasia's in the following soil mix: 40% cococoir, 20% bark, 20% perlite, 10% wormcasting & 10% activated charcoal. If you don't have all these products in your home, I do recommend adding perlite to the soil for better drainage. I make sure that my Alocasia's are semi moist, I water them regularly with a splash of water instead of a ton at once. Once in a while I let the soil dry out. This is especially recommended for Alocasia's with thicker leaves, because they can hold more water.

2. Philodendrons It is a bit harder to give general info on this species because there are so many different variations. The more rare varieties need higher humidity, while a Philodendron Scandens is one that could be neglected for a while. One thing is for sure, none of them like wet soil. Therefore, make sure that the water can flow away and let it dry out from time to time. I have my rarer species under a grow light, the others are in bright indirect light. A few even in bright direct light... I advise you to take a look at each species to see what light it needs, feel free to send me a message! Regarding the soil I use this ratio: 30% cococoir, 30% bark, 20% perlite, 10% wormcasting & 10% activated charcoal. 3. Syngoniums In the beginning I had a lot of trouble with these plants, until I found out that I was simply watering them too much. Nowadays I just give them a splash of water once every few days and let them stand dry for a while, this works perfectly for me! In terms of soil I use the same mix as I do for my Alocasia's: 40% cococoir, 20% bark, 20% perlite, 10% wormcasting & 10% activated charcoal. Most of my Syngonium collection is under grow lights, the rest receive bright indirect light.

4. Monstera

The care of a Monstera is super simple, as soon as the soil feels dry it is time to water the plant. I let the water flow through the pot until it runs out at the bottom, then I let the plant drain well and place it back in its pot. The Monstera can be placed in either bright indirect light or half shade. With the exception of the variegated varieties. The white parts of the plants cannot absorb light, but they do burn quickly. So make sure that this variant gets enough indirect light. My Monstera's are all in 30% cococoir, 30% bark, 20% perlite, 10% wormcasting & 10% activated charcoal.

5. Maranta The Maranta is also called the 'prayer plant' because it folds its leaves up at night, similar to praying hands.This plant is sometimes difficult to keep beautiful. The edges of the leaves quickly turn brown and crispy. This is usually a sign of too low humidity. I keep my Marantas in half shade because too much light can fade the beautiful leaf pattern. Soil mix: 50% cococoir, 10% bark, 20% perlite, 10% wormcasting & 10% activated charcoal. So far semi moist has worked best, so I'm sticking to that as well. Make sure the soil is never wet.


The humidity is always around 65%, for this I use humidifiers. I always recommend to buy one because the plants will really appreciate it. A nice (and beautiful) brand is Geurwolkje. Of course you can also spray your plants with water, but this will only have a minimal effect on humidity. However, you do remove the dust from your plants so they can absorb the light better!

Concerning the nutrition of my plants: I give nutrition from spring until mid-autumn to support growth. Want to read more about this? Then read on to this blog. This was my top 5 favorite plants & their care tips. If you have a specific question about a plant (that is not listed) send me a DM on Instagram!

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