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A few weeks ago team Plagron came to meet Greeny_Lab, we met through social media but it was time for a real life meeting! We had a great afternoon together, and they wrote an article about it!

Autism and ADHD. Rosalien suffers from both. Should we call it a burden? Maybe they are her superpowers. Many a plant lovers will look with admiration - or perhaps even a little jealous - at what she has accomplished in two years. Rosalien, after all, is also known as Greeny_Lab on Instagram. 23 years old, (only) two years active with houseplants and already 31,600 followers. Try to keep up with her! Rosalien shares how plants helped her get back into her power and changed her life for the better.

Lively, hectic, present, everywhere at once, driven, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Just some words that describe Rosalien. This is how she has been in all aspects of her life, and this is how she started her first real job. Sitting still is nothing for her. Partly because of her ADHD she is always up and running, always looking for challenges. She likes to learn new things and to deepen or improve on things she already knows. This made her an ambitious employee who soon worked 60 hours a week. She began to live on coffee, cigarettes and minimal sleep. The endless energy turned into restlessness and panic attacks. Red flags. Rosalien's doctor, fortunately, quickly realized what was going on here and recommended that she stop working immediately. Rest, purity and regularity were the advice. Putting herself first, and quickly. 21 years old and at home with burnout. Now what?

''Resting wasn't really high on the list for me"

Knowing herself long enough to know that absolute rest was not going to do her any good, Rosalien began to think about her healing process. What could she do that would keep her stimulated enough not to sink completely into depression, but on the other hand would not put any pressure on her? This was answered when her mother took her on a vacation to Morocco to become zen. She was astonished by the collection of cacti and succulents she saw there. In the evening, she scoured the Internet for ways to build a collection once she was back in the Netherlands. This might be just what she needed. Caring for plants involves routine, a certain sense of responsibility that she needed so badly, and the acquisition of knowledge. Finding active peace in growing and learning to enjoy plants seemed to her to be a good road to recovery. And so it began.

''Plants contribute to mental health, plants make you happy!"

Back home, she purchased several houseplants for beginners and spent days doing research to gain knowledge about plants. Now her daily routine consists of getting up, checking plant room, eating breakfast, updating Instagram, repotting or unboxing, and taking and uploading photos of the plants she wants to show her followers that day. She takes the pictures with the camera of her phone and does not spend hours editing them. "I just think that's nonsense, I want to enjoy my plants." She finds watering schedules and grow journals unnecessary. Rosalien does everything by instinct. "One day it is warmer than the other, the warmer it is, the more water naturally evaporates. So a water schedule like that doesn't always apply." For Rosalien, it's as logical as it gets. She looks at what each plant needs on a daily basis. Her golden tip: never google it! "Then your plant will always die anyway." According to her, growing is mainly about trying out a lot, paying attention to your plant and learning from your mistakes. She hasn't done anything "forced" to build her community. Her goal has always been to help as many people as possible with her gained knowledge and share her enthusiasm about plants. She does not work with deadlines or targets. Her urban jungle contributes to her mental health and gives her positive energy and she shares this. The craziest thing she's ever done for a plant?

"Getting up every two hours to spray a leaf so it could unfold perfectly"

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