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Plagron nutrition explained!

Hi there! My name is Steven, I’m a Grow Expert at Plagron. We are a producer of fertilisers, soils and substrates.

Greeny_Lab asked me personally to write about our products which are being used by houseplant lovers all across the world.

You may know our products from its distinctive purple packaging, but there’s another reason why we’re getting more and more popular with houseplant growers: our products are high quality

We have products suitable for every growstyle. Because there are many growstyles, there may be some confusion of which products to use. Let me clear up this confusion.

Let’s start off with our main product groups. We have 5 base groups. These are as follows;

-100% NATURAL;

-100% TERRA;

-100% COCO;

-100% HYDRO;


Each group consists of base fertilizer and substrates. Base fertilizers form the basics to grow a plant. All plants need an amount of macro and spore elements to survive and become a healthy plant. These elements are within the base fertilizers.


Our 100% NATURAL base fertilizers are Alga Grow & Bloom. You never use both at once. Alga Grow is for the growth phase and bloom is for when fruiting or flowering starts. For houseplants, Alga Bloom wouldn’t be of much use. The Alga Grow & Bloom are 100% organic certified (CU) products. The advantage of organic nutrients is that they’re very easy to use. In most cases you won’t need a pH or EC meter and over fertilization is less of a problem with organic nutrients. The disadvantage is that organic fertilizers are not immediately available for your plant. Organic nutrients must go through a process to become plant absorb-able, and this takes some time.

It is very important to choose certified organic fertilizers if you want to go organic. A lot of companies claim to be organic, but merely use a couple of organic substances in their products. Mineral fertilizers could cause harm to the soil life, thus decreasing the effect of organic nutrients. This is why we keep them 100% separated, which ensures a better result.

In our 100% NATURAL range we also have a couple of substrates. These are Royalmix, Batmix, PlagronAllmix and Promix.

Royal, Bat & Allmix are all pre-fertilised with organic substances for six weeks. Royalmix contains more perlite, which makes the drainage better. Batmix contains batguano, which is rich in phosphorus and potassium and makes it more suitable for heavy yielding plants. Finally,PlagronAllmix has the best water retention, which makes it suitable for hotter climates. In general, I’d recommend Royalmix for starting growers, Batmix for growers of fruits and vegetables & PlagronAllmix for growing in hot climates.

Our last substrate, Promix, does not contain any fertilizer at all. This is a substrate for growers who want to maintain control over their fertilizers as best as they can. It is also very suitable for germinating seeds and growing young or sensitive plants. Young plant don’t like too much fertilizer. Batmix, PlagronAllmix and Royalmix are too rich for young plants and seedlings.


Our 100% TERRA products are fully mineral. Mineral fertilizers are directly available for your plant. They ensure a fast and healthy growth. The effects of mineral fertilizers however should be measured. For this, you use an EC meter to measure the amount of fertilizer and a pH meter to measure the acidity of the nutrient solution. Without the right pH, your plants won’t be able to take up all those elements they need. With a wrong EC, your plant won’t get the amount of nutrients it needs.

Because mineral fertilizers are immediately absorbed it’s easier to overfeed your plants. With mineral fertilizers you would quickly get a healthy plant, but it requires some more time and caution.

The base fertilizer for our 100% Terra line are Terra Grow & Terra Bloom. Terra Grow is used in the growth phase and Terra Bloom is used in the flowering phase. Again, Terra Bloom would not be used much when growing houseplants.

We also have mineral substrates. These are called Lightmix and Growmix. Lightmix is pre-fertilized for 1 week and Growmix for three weeks. This makes Lightmix more suitable for young and sensitive plants and Growmix for older and stronger plants.


Next is our 100% COCO line. Coco is a special kind of substrate. Not all coco is the same. Coco needs to be washed and rinsed properly, otherwise you’ll soon have a calcium deficiency. It important to use high quality cocos if you want your houseplants to thrive.

Besides the quality of the cocos, it’s also important to use a good quality coco fertilizer. Coco needs to be watered a lot more than peat based substrates or soils. Due to this characteristic, it’s better to give fertilizer made for coco grows rather than any other mineral fertilizer.

The advantage of coco is that is has a higher buffering capacity than pure hydroponic grows, but gives you more control compared to soil or peat-based substrates. The base fertilizers in our coco line are Coco A and Coco B. Unlike Alga and Terra, you always use these at the same time in the same amounts. Coco A and Coco B contains everything your plant needs in the right ratios. And just like Terra, you will need to regulate your pH and EC for optimal results.


Our last growstyle is 100% HYDRO. Within this category we have our Hydro A and B. These are chelated, mineral nutrients. Just like Coco A and B these should be given at the same amounts at the same time. The chelates ensure a good absorption of nutrients throughout the plants life. Not each element is absorbed easily. By using chelating agents, we enclose those hard absorb elements with a ‘claw’ that is more easily to take up. Once in the plant, this ‘claw’ falls off. However, these Hydro nutrients still need to be pH and EC regulated just, like the Terra and Coco line.


Our last group is called the ‘Universal’ group. This group isn’t a true growstyle, since it is not aimed at growing in a specific way. This group contains our so called additives. These are products which really get the best out of your cultivation. A popular additive of ours within the houseplant community is ‘Power Roots’. On its own, this is not a complete fertilizer. It stimulates root growth and development.

Another popular additive is Sugar Royal. It is an amino-acid product which provides the plant with nitrogen, but mainly helps the plant with stress reactions and an increased resistance.

In our additives you will also find our pH regulators, which are needed to regulate your pH when growing with the Terra, Coco or Hydro line.


So, let’s sum that up in an example:

We have Grower, Anna, who grows houseplants indoor and wants to breed up their own baby plants. Anna has a preference for organic nutrients.

Because of her preference, she will look at the Natural growstyle. Anna starts off with the substrates. She isn’t growing any vegetables, fruits or flowering plants, So Anna won’t need Batmix for added phosphorus and potassium. Indoor grows often don’t get very hot, so she doesn’t need Allmix either. Anna chooses for the Royalmix, because overwatering indoor is common and she doesn’t want to take a risk.

She also chooses Promix, for her fresh cuttings to root in.

Now Anna has Alga Grow, Royalmix & Promix.

Just merely keeping the plant alive is not good enough for Anna. She wants it to thrive! In that case, she will take a look at our Universal line.

Anna wants sufficient root growth for both his motherplants and his young plants. In that case she could use our Power Roots for stimulated root growth. Besides healthy root growth, she also wants to keep her cuttings and motherplants healthy and to increase their resistance against stress. So she also gets Sugar Royal to provide the plants of much needed amino-acids and to keep stress and illness at bay.

In the end Anna will end up with Alga Grow, Royalmix, Promix, Power Roots & Sugar Royal. With these products, she can exactly grow the way he wants with the results she wants.

I hope my explanation helped you to find a way through our product range. I can image it gets a bit tricky, but plants are complicated organisms and a single bottle won’t fulfill all their needs if growing plants really is your passion. If you still have questions about our products or about plant related topics in general, please feel free to email me at servicedesk@plagron.com.

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