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Plant growlights - My experience

Let me stop you right now, if you think this blog is full of technical info. I have been using different plants lights over the past year and am going to tell you more about them here.

Each growth stage theoretically requires a different growth spectrum. But I do not have the need to change everything as soon as Madam Monstera decides to grow instead of being in her resting phase. So I will not discuss this further. Yet most of the lights below are 'full spectrum' light, this simply means that the growlight resembles light from the sun.

In case you are wondering why this blog is worth reading anyway? No nonsense explanation about which lamp works well and is comfortable in a home environment, after all we do not live in a greenhouse (most of us)

1.Ikea VAXER

A well known grow lamp from Ikea, for which they also have a separate matching greenhouse. I have attached the lamp to the underside of a shelf (thank god for duct tape) and have had both baby and larger plants growing underneath it. Both certainly grew faster than plants without a lamp.

There are 3 light sources in a strip of about 30 (?) cm that give off fairly bright white light.

You have to manually turn off the lamp.



Always risky, but sometimes worth it. They have super convenient led strips with adhesive tape. They are thin lined strips with white led light. There is a timer with 3 settings, and you can choose between 3 light modes. These lamps fit incredibly nicely in a closet or under a shelf. However, the quality is not the best, and you can see this at the plants. They certainly grow well, but not what I'm used to. Plus one set already broke down after a year, but what can you expect for 13 euro....

Note, there are strips with red light, believe me, this looks very awkward if your neighbors look inside at your house.


3. Jungle Dawn

Well if you want to be in the spotlight this is the lamp for you, pfoe what a bright light. A big led lamp with lots of power, and your plant children certainly notice that. I find this one of the finest lamps. They have various sizes and wattages of lamps, plenty to choose from. They got one downside, no timer.

But overall a musthave!


4.Elho Leaf Light care

Amen to the automatic timer, and the 'pricker' . You can stick this lamp in any plant, anywhere. Plug it into the wall socket once ( I recommend, you do it in the morning) and after this, the lamp will automatically mimic the sun. The light will slowly go on and off automatically over a period of 14 hours. They take up little space and fit nicely into your interior.

The color tends to light purple which is quite pleasant. (Unless it turns on in the middle of the night in your bedroom hence why you have to set the timer right) It is adjustable in height, making it suitable for many plants!


5.Elho Light Grey Care

Actually the little brother of the Elho Leaf Light Care, only this is more suitable for your smaller / lower plants. The timer and light function are the same which makes it a fine team for your plants. Sometimes it's a bit of a puzzle which pots can fit under the light, but hey, the result is great. The color of the plateau is blue / greenish, you have to love it!


6.Elho Light Garden Gray Green

Sadly I haven't tested this bad boy yet, but I assume that the specs are as well as all the Elho lights. Therefore it is on my to buy list for later!

I would love to grow kitchen herbs with this light.


7. Click and Grow

I love it. this concept is really fresh and easy. everything works automatically, you don't have to think about a thing. you can fill the container with pods that already contain soil and seeds. then you fill the water meter to the max, and refill when needed. one swipe over the led lights and they automatically go on and off. It even has an app!

The light is white with a touch of red, pretty bright if you have it in the living room.

But in the kitchen it' s perfect!

p.s. all my seeds are growing very fast, unbelievable! (both herbs as houseplants)

If you still got any questions or want more info about which plant prefer which light, send me a DM via Instagram @Greeny_Lab!

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