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Spring boost (ENG)

I do not either have the answer to all the questions....

But I do have the motivation to do research to get the answer :)

This time I had the question; How can I give my plants an extra 'boost' after the winter (and in my case also after moving house) so that they can grow well this season. I immediately contacted Plagron, who often helps me with professional and personal plant information. This time they wrote an article especially for us so we can make our plants grow even stronger!

After the winter season, both the plant and the soil have experienced a shock and are in less than optimal conditions. During the winter season, plants often become dormant, they do not need much, if any, nutrition and adding direct fertilizer is often more harmful than good. Still, they need a kickstart to get back to growing as healthy as possible as soon as possible. These two products will help you and your plants to get out of the winter dip at the beginning of the season, regain strength and start growing again!


Mega Worm

Mega Worm is actually the product that started everything. Plagron started selling worm castings and that is exactly what Mega Worm is.

Worm poop is a very useful addition to substrate. Worms themselves are indispensable for a good substrate; they dig tunnels, keep the substrate well aerated, digest organic matter and ultimately convert it into plant food. But the product of the worms themselves, their manure, is at least as valuable and useful.

Worm manure itself is organic matter that improves the soil structure for the plant, ensures a better drainage of the soil and can prevent slaking. Apart from these properties Mega Worm also contains a lot of soil life. Mega Worm contains many micro-organisms that can release essential nutrients from the soil. These micro-organisms not only ensure a healthy soil, but also reduce the need for fertilizer. Mega Worm is therefore an excellent product to start the nutrient cycle! The fine feature of Mega Worm is that although it releases nutrients for the plant in the longer term, in principle it does not contain much food. After all, it is a soil improver and not a direct fertilizer. This also allows you to use quite a lot of Mega Worm, without causing damage. We recommend to add about 200 ml per liter of substrate or to mix it into your soil. It is also possible to put a handful in your pot, the soil life will do its work by itself.


Sugar Royal

Sugar Royal is not, as the name suggests, a product based on sugars or other carbohydrates. Although these also have a role in the life of a plant, Sugar Royal is something entirely different. Sugar Royal contains mainly amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of a plant. Some of these amino acids are essential for plant growth. They are simply needed for plant survival. Plants are therefore able to produce amino acids themselves and do so mainly from organic material in the soil. However, making these amino acids takes a lot of time and energy for plants. Moreover, not every soil contains sufficient amino acids. Especially when you choose a cheaper substrate or reuse substrate this can be disappointing. With Sugar Royal you can actually give the plant these essential substances in bite-sized chunks. By applying Sugar Royal you make sure that the plant doesn't lack any of these essential substances. Apart from that, amino acids also have a positive effect on biochemical processes within the plant.

Because we can now provide the plant with its needs immediately, the plant has more time and energy to focus on other things such as recovering from stress. Many growers of houseplants regularly take cuttings from their plants or keep the plants on the window sill in less than optimal conditions such as drought, lowered temperatures or in a too wet substrate. These situations always cause stress and this stress drastically lowers plant performance. Over time, a plant may collapse under stress making it unsuitable for cuttings or fall prey to pests. A healthy plant is much less susceptible to problems like these. By administering Sugar Royal you ensure that the plant is much stronger and less susceptible to the above situations!

Because Sugar Royal is not directly intended as a fertilizer and is almost entirely organic, administering Sugar Royal is practically risk-free. Overdosing Sugar Royal is very difficult and regulating the EC-value is not necessary. For these reasons, administering Sugar Royal is actually always a good choice. The advice we give is 1 ml per liter of irrigation water, every time you water your plants.


Sugar Royal & Mega Worm

Mega Worm and Sugar Royal can be combined very well.

The product Sugar Royal ensures that the plant itself can better deal with stress and does not lack essential building blocks. It keeps your plant healthy and resilient in a safe and efficient way. Mega Worm actually does this for the soil. Plant and soil need to be in balance, a healthy plant you grow with a good soil!

Super obvious right! I know what I will be working on this week!

Do you have any more specific questions about Plagron products? Feel free to send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!

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